Dodon is subject to a measure of restraint in court, prosecutors ask for 30 days of arrest

The court chooses a measure of restraint for the temporarily detained ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon; his supporters and opponents have gathered under the building, and the media complain about problems with access to the courtroom.

As “European Truth” writes, this is reported by Newsmaker.

Prosecutors are demanding a 30-day arrest. The ex-president’s lawyer said that he was almost sure that Dodon would be arrested.

Under the courthouse in Chekany (Chisinau district), a group of Dodon’s fans gathered, and those who, on the contrary, demand his arrest. The former chant “Freedom to Dodon” and call for the resignation of the government and President Maia Sandu.

The correspondent of the publication reports that the media do not let them go further than the lobby, explaining this by the rules of the court, and threaten to “blacklist and not let them into the meeting.”

After 11 a.m., the meeting was adjourned due to the fact that the prosecutor provided new evidence in support of the arrest request. Dodon said that he “had three statements for the press” and began to say that the case was fabricated, then the convoy did not let him speak. The meeting must continue.

Recall that on May 24, anti-corruption agencies and the security service came with searches to the house of the ex-president, honorary leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon in the case of passive corruption, illegal enrichment, betrayal and financing of a political party by a criminal organization. At first, there were conflicting reports in the media about the arrest of Dodon for 72 hours, and finally this information was confirmed and a video of the detention appeared.

During the search, law enforcement officers found a significant amount of cash, valuable dishes and chess made of precious materials, as well as checks, indicating a very rich lifestyle of the Dodon family.

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