Google will disconnect some Russian providers from its servers – media

Russian Internet providers began to receive notices from Google about the termination of contracts for servicing part of their servers.

RBC writes about this, citing sources in the telecommunications market.

So, we are talking about disconnections from Google Global Cache servers, which are used to reduce the load on backbone networks and increase the speed of access to Google services, in particular YouTube.

According to the publication, several companies have already received reports of termination of contracts, including the Orenburg-based provider Radiosvyaz, operating under the Focus Life brand. Raiden Unlimited Company (the Irish subsidiary of Google) sent a letter to stop the servers there, explaining the decision by “changes in legal practice.”

A similar message was received by the MIPT Telecom provider. A representative of the company told RBC that this may be due to the fact that the institute is on the sanctions list.

At the same time, MTS and Rostelecom stated that they did not “do not observe outages.”

And representatives of VimpelCom, which includes the Beeline brand, as well as T2 RTK Holding (Tele2) and ER-Telecom Holding, declined to comment.


Google Corporation has taken most of its employees out of Russia – a significant part of the employees moved to Dubai, where Google has a large office.

The Russian subsidiary of Google has filed for bankruptcy in the country.

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