€100,000 earners qualify for Affordable Housing Scheme; Racist teen killer in US shooting called London Mayor an ‘enemy’

Affordable housing for people with 100,000 euros, which is described as “a mockery”.

Buyers with an income of €100,000 are eligible for a government affordable housing program that gives them interest-free subsidies Irish Independent can reveal.

Students targeted in college WhatsApp groups for signing up for academic scam service

College WhatsApp groups encourage students to sign up for paid essays and other academic scam services.

Almost 6,000 Ukrainian students are now enrolled in Irish schools

Almost 6,000 Ukrainian pupils are now enrolled in Irish schools, with the largest concentration of refugee pupils in counties Clare and Kerry.
Sadiq Khan is labeled an “enemy” of the US juvenile killer

A white supremacist teenager who killed 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, named London Mayor Sadiq Khan as the target in a hateful manifesto shared online.

General practitioners received 115 million euros over four years for issuing social assistance sickness certificates

General practitioners have received more than 115 million euros in the last four years for issuing sick notes for social welfare purposes Irish Independent can reveal.

Rape Threats and Car Bombs: The Continued Abuse of Ireland’s Women Politicians

Ireland could be a ‘ghost country’ for nature, citizens’ assembly said

Ireland risks turning into a “ghost country” for nature if abuse of land, habitats and species continues, the Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss has been told.

Russian state television broadcasts Taoiseach’s demand for an apology for the simulated nuclear attack on Ireland

Russian state television broadcast Micheál Martin’s apology after a simulated nuclear attack on Ireland, with a presenter saying: “It wasn’t nice that Ireland became collateral damage” to Britain.

Highs of 20C this week but have an umbrella handy

Temperatures will hit as high as 20C today, but heavy rain will make for near-tropical weather conditions.

Payroller who stole over €870,000 from Virgin Media TV after just four months

The Virgin Media employee who swindled the company out of more than €872,000 has been released from prison after serving less than four months of her two-year sentence.

Man is fighting for his life after being found unconscious in a playground

Gardaí are attempting to trace the movements of a man fighting for his life after he was found unconscious in a south Dublin playground.
Crowds gather outside Ireland’s National Maternity Hospital to demand public and secular scrutiny


Source: independent

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