“My partner’s affair child is allergic to dogs – but I refuse to get rid of mine”

A woman has turned to the internet for much-needed advice after the woman her husband was having an affair with demanded she ditch her dogs because her son has allergies

Infidelity in a relationship can completely destroy the match, breaking trust and leaving people devastated.

It’s rare for couples to survive an affair, but some choose to make their marriage work and move forward.

A woman recently claimed that she and her husband did just that after he had a one night stand three years ago.

Write in a post Reddits Am I the A**hole forum, The unnamed woman explained that her partner got another woman pregnant and she kept the baby.

The couple now have a three-year-old son together and the man and woman have rebuilt their relationship after the cheating.

However, there is now a new problem they are encountering.

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The woman shared that her husband’s child from the affair is allergic to dogs and she has two French bulldogs.

The child’s mother demands that she get rid of her puppies so that the boy can come and play with his siblings, but the woman refuses.

She said: “I have two 5 year old French bulldogs that I and my two children have with my husband (14 F and 9 M). Unfortunately, as short-haired dogs, these species tend to elicit the most reactions from allergy sufferers.

“I was fully prepared to welcome this child into my home with open arms and to be the best stepmom I could be as the child is innocent and he is the little brother of my two children. My husband has visitors every other weekend.

“Unfortunately, this child is highly allergic to dogs and his mother is demanding that we get rid of the dogs. These dogs have been with me through thick and thin, they were with me when I was suffering from severe depression because of my husband’s cheating, my kids love them too.”

She continued: “I absolutely refuse to get rid of these dogs, I told my husband he could either make the visit to a hotel, get a second flat for him and his son or we could build a unit with in-laws over at his expense the garage, but I told him my only stipulations were that this came out of his own pocket, he couldn’t dig into our kids’ college funds and stay the dogs.

“Because the child is so small, it doesn’t understand why it isn’t allowed in the house and it feels left out.

“AITA for refusing to get rid of my dogs because my husband cheated? When he hemmed and slashed because he wanted to be everyone’s everything, I told him that before I destroy the dogs, I will divorce him.”

More than 2,000 people have replied to the woman’s post, and many agree she’s not at fault.

One person replied: “Keep the dogs. Get rid of the husband. NTA.

“It’s crazy that the woman who had an affair with your husband thinks she can dictate what animals you can have in your house.”

Another wrote: “They offer him MANY possible solutions to this. This is part of his fraud repair work. He’s already disrupted your life in ways that he’s lucky you’ve kept with you. You don’t owe him another heartbreak. You’re supposed to give in to his mistakes.”

A third added: “It blows my mind that after she has forgiven him for cheating and having a child with the other woman, they now expect her to just get rid of the dogs!”

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Source: mirror

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