In Belarus, another bank is “beheaded”

Information about the chairman of the board of Belinvestbank disappeared from the National Bank website. The regulator removes this data, as a rule, only in cases where the financial institutions have no permanent leader, writes Information appeared about the possible detention of the Chairman of the Board of Belinvestbank Andrei Brishteleev.

As early as May 13, the head of Belinvestbank on the website of the National Bank was indicated by Andrei Brishtelev. However, on the website of the bank itself, a page with information about the chairman was not available. Now it also cannot open it.

Meanwhile, the National Bank website also does not have information about the heads of four more banks – Statusbank, BNB Bank, Belgazprombank, Paritetbank. Earlier we already wrote why such a situation arose. Since then, the permanent leader appeared at Alfa Bank, Valery Smolyak returned to this position.

Earlier at the beginning of 2021, the special commission under the National Bank did not certify him to the position of manager of the bank, since then he left the position of the head of the bank. But on May 12 of this year, Valeria Smolyak was recognized as the relevant requirements that the bank managers put up.

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