In the USA because of the split of a private aircraft evacuated Baiden and his wife

Due to the appearance of a small private plane near the house where US President Joe Biden was resting with his wife, the presidential couple was evacuated for caution. This was reported on June 4 by the Associated Press with reference to the secret service and the White House.

The incident happened 120 kilometers from Washington, on the Regobot Beach Beach on the Atlantic Coast of Delaware.

In a limited airspace (called standard practice) in the area, the aircraft flew mistakenly, which made a short -term evacuation of the President and the First Lady.

Subsequently, Biden and his wife returned to the house. They did not threaten them, emphasized in the White House.

According to the agency, investigators now find out why the aircraft got into the area of ​​restrictions and why his pilot “was not on a proper radio and did not follow the instructions.”

The intelligence service was reported at the beginning of the week at the beach town of the special service at the beginning of the week, the Associated Press.

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