Kyivstar goes to new technologies

Mobile operators continue to amaze subscribers with their actions. Thus, the Kyivstar operator, by the launch of a new state -of -the -art technology. The fact is that the operator has started testing the technology of LTE 2300-TDD data.

It is with the help of this assistance that the data will be transmitted and processed faster, as well as developing services in areas where traffic is rapidly increasing. Earlier, the National Telecom ordered the operators to work at a frequency in the 2100 MHz range to improve the work of 3G networks and improve 4G.

With the implementation of new technology, the operator will be able to improve the quality of communication in border points and large cities. Peak speed can increase to 600 mbps. The first stations are already installed in Ternopil. But the operator does not stop and plans to install a minimum of 100 stations in the near future.

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