The Israeli company IAI introduced a new tactical sensory system

The Green Lotus system is designed to ensure both highly effective anti-missile, artillery and mortar capabilities (C-RAM) and the possibilities of observing air and earth.

ISRAEL AEROSPACE Industries (IAI) introduced Green Lotus (ELI-2139), its latest tactical multi-purpose multisenerator system, within the framework of Eurosatory, leading the European Treasury Defense Exhibition.

It is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The Green Lotus system is designed to ensure both highly efficient anti-detrainivity, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) capabilities and capabilities of air and ground observation for both stationary and maneuverable troops.

The ability of Green Lotus to perform air and ground observation together with C-RAM is especially valuable as a means of defending forces. Green Lotus does this with a unique set of sensors, both active and passive, which maximize the effectiveness of countermeasures and situational awareness.

In fact, Green Lotus combines IAI-ElTA sensors into an automated system for detecting, tracking, classifying and identifying a variety of air and ground purposes.

All these data are collected and processed in its control panel, which is able to detect, classify and identify thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. In general, these data are combined and used to obtain a comprehensive picture of situational awareness and integration of counteraction systems.

The system can be adapted to the specific needs of each client due to its modular architecture. Its sensors, each of which is located on a unique design, can be used for 360 degrees.

“We proudly represent our latest system, which continues the long -standing heritage of IAI technological innovations. Green Lotus combines a number of proven IAI sensors into a unique advanced multi-purpose system, ”said Yoav Turgeman, Executive Vice President IAI.

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The cursor reported that Israel introduced a new BLR-2 robotic combat vehicle. The car is equipped with a platform of the BLR-2 type, a 30-mm autonomous tower developed by the control of tanks and an armored personnel carrier, the ELBIT Iron Cular Active Protection System, fire control and flight control, a robotic autonomous set, as well as warning systems.

Our site also wrote that Israel introduced in Paris a new fire detection system. The IAI company introduced at the exhibition in Paris a new system for detecting firing points on the battlefield. It is called Othello-P. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, which processes data with new, more efficient electro -optical and acoustic SWIR sensors.

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