Lukashenka wants his army to learn from the “lessons” of Russia’s war against Ukraine

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told his defense minister to draw “lessons and conclusions” from Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Source: Lukashenka during a visit to the country’s Ministry of Defense on May 26, quoted by Belta

Details: Lukashenka wants “lessons to be learned from the experience of the war in terms of equipping and further developing the Belarusian troops.”

Lukashenka’s direct speech: “I’ll say frankly that at that time we saw our army differently, and above all the weapons of our army. And, again, absolutely frankly, the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine taught us a lot.

I constantly demanded from him (Minister of Defense – ed.): “Look around, observe, draw conclusions, lessons, lessons and more lessons!” As I was informed, the lessons have been learned.”

Recall: Lukashenka wants to produce an Iskander-type missile by the end of the year, Belarus has already bought the required number of complexes from Russia.

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