Meet Health and its co-founder and commercial director Garvas Fey Fernandez

Health and its mission is simple – to revolutionize the way women access the best advice and innovative solutions to improve their health. We started in 2019 and have been working to make it a reality ever since.

How do you come up with ideas for companies?

We’ve talked to a lot of women about their symptoms and how they affect their daily lives. Symptoms raise questions about their relationship, self-worth and their ability to function. It hit me hard.

We started health and its because we want something better for all women and if we improve the experience of only one woman through our products and services, we give them back their strength, then we are doing a good job.

How has the company developed in recent years?

As a company, we have created our offer to meet the needs of all women by offering our free apps and content to ensure that every woman, regardless of their situation, can access expert advice and manage their women’s health.

We recently launched a service to support employers in the workplace, so that they can give their employees access to a menopause specialist as part of their benefits. We plan to further improve our services based on what our customers think is important to us

Health in the future and what can we expect from it?

Health and its development will continue and 51% of the population going through menopause we still need to support many more women.

It is important to understand that menopause can affect many levels. By empowering women to consider their bodies, minds and lifestyles — and providing them with the tools to enhance their experiences — we hope we can truly change lives for the better.

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