The iPhone gets a huge discount with 200GB of 5G data for just £ 35 in 12 months

You can pack an iPhone 12 with 200GB of data for just £ 35 per month

The crisp deal brings in twice as much data for this price.

This deal, which has no advance fees and includes fast 5G data, will save you hundreds of pounds.

And it’s a big save on a relatively new handset: the iPhone 12 is only a year and a half old.

It is available from the phone retailer Buy Mobiles under an agreement with O2.

Interpretation of the contract

So what makes this such a good deal?

You paid £ 840 for a 24 month term of this contract.

Usually an iPhone 12 will cost 679.

However, on top of that you will need a SIM card.

Right now, O2 is making a deal on its 100GB SIM card, doubling the data to 200GB for £ 30 per month.

It’s £ 720 in two years.

Add it to the price of an iPhone 12 and you’ll see a total bill of £ 1,399.

That means you can save a whopping £ 559 through this offer.

And you have the luxury of paying for the iPhone 12 over time, instead of paying for it all at once.

iPhone 12 – All You Need To Know

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s 2020 handset, recently replaced by the very similar iPhone 13.

So buying an iPhone 12 is a great way to save some money.

It is part of the first team of Apple smartphones to support fast 5G speeds.

And it has a sleek design, a bright camera system and a large, crisp display.

It supports Apple’s latest iOS 15 software and will get iOS 16 features when the update lands later this year.

There is no clear deadline for offers. So if you are tempted to look at the offer, accept it sooner rather than later At the time of writing all the prices in this article were correct but may change since then

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