Microsoft released a simplified Windows 11 Validation OS

Microsoft, without any serious ad, has recently released a new light version of Windows 11. However, this new facilitated OS is not intended for a regular user. Based on the command line and called Microsoft Validation OS, it was designed for equipment or software suppliers, developers and technical professionals to help diagnose and eliminate problems. In fact, this will help you create hardware and software for Windows 11 without complete installation.

Here’s how Microsoft defines its new OS to check:

Microsoft Validation OS is a light, fast and tuning operating system based on Windows 11 that you can use at the plant for diagnostics, eliminating and eliminating equipment defects during Windows. Validation OS is loaded on a command line Wednesday to increase reliability in factory conditions and supports the launch of Win32 programs, simplifying the transition from early installation of equipment to retail development of OS and programs.

As you can see from the above description Microsoft, Validation OS supports Win32 programs that are designed to help diagnose Windows 11 projects. This is due to the fact that Win32 API provides direct access to system equipment and has various diagnostic tools.

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