Russians are already building a third line of defense in the occupied south – GUR

The regrouping of Russian troops in the Kherson region and in the occupied areas of the Zaporozhye region, as well as the construction of an additional defense line, testify to Russia’s intention to gain a foothold in these territories.

Source: representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Vadim Skibitsky on the air of Krym.Realii

Skibitsky’s direct speech: “In the Kherson region, on the occupied territory of the Zaporozhye region, we see an increase that occurs as a result of the movement of troops from the territory of the Crimean peninsula. And this is in transit from the Russian Federation. And accordingly, we see how powerful Russia is now deploying a group of troops on occupied territories of southern Ukraine.

We see that from the beginning of May the occupying troops began to strengthen the defense. Appropriate engineering structures are being prepared, not even one or two, but a third line of defense is being built.

It is these military aspects, military indicators that indicate Russia’s intentions to seize and hold these territories.”

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