Stoltenberg: no one has exact forecasts when the war will end

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg notes that the war between Russia and Ukraine has turned into a “war of attrition” and no one can predict with certainty how and when it will end.

He said this in an interview with Rzeczpospolita, writes “European Truth”.

Stoltenberg noted that after 13 weeks of war, it is clear that Russia made serious strategic miscalculations with its original plan for the campaign, and Ukraine proved its readiness and ability to resist thanks to the courage and professionalism of the military and Western assistance with training and weapons.

“Wars are unpredictable, and no one can say with certainty when and how this war will end,” the NATO Secretary General said.

He repeated his words that the Alliance now sees its goal as further support for Ukraine and at the same time preventing the escalation of the war.

“At the beginning, the support came mainly with Soviet-era weapons, but now we are providing more NATO weapons, which require learning to use. The Alliance is an active participant in the US-led support group for Ukraine, which first met at the Ramstein airbase … And the very first task NATO – to help provide support – and for a long time, so I call on allies to replenish supplies – because this is increasingly becoming a war of attrition,” Stoltenberg said.

He reiterated his arguments about preventing escalation, noting that if the war escalated into an outright full-scale war between NATO and Russia, it would bring even more trouble than the war had already done in Ukraine. “We need to behave in such a way as not to lead to an escalation. And we are doing this, in particular – emphasizing that we support Ukraine, but NATO is not a belligerent. We support Ukraine in exercising its right to self-defense, provided for by the UN Charter” Jens Stoltenberg said.

The second step in preventing escalation, he added, was building up military power on the Alliance’s eastern flank so that the Kremlin would not misjudge NATO’s readiness to defend all allies. According to Stoltenberg, there are now 40,000 troops under the direct command of NATO, reinforced by significant sea and air forces, and the total number of US troops in Europe after February 24 has grown by 30,000 people to 100,000, of which the majority are deployed in eastern member countries. .

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