The mobile version of Google Play has added a section “Compatibility with your devices”

In parallel with the redesign of Google Play, Google began to add other features – the section “Compatibility with your devices” was added to the mobile version of the app and content store.

If in the PC version the ability to evaluate compatibility with available devices existed before the blocking of the app store in Russia, now similar functionality has begun to appear in mobile versions. At the same time, the user sees only information about devices linked to his Google account and “active” over the past 30 days.

Compatibility is indicated for both smartphones and devices such as wearable gadgets based on Wear OS and models on Android / Google TV. Other data is also available for viewing, including information about supported operating system versions.

Now Google Play has become more than just a platform for smartphones and tablets. You can also find software for other variants of Android in the store, from OS for car media centers to wearable devices with Wear OS.

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