The number of vacancies in the IT market of Ukraine has halved since the beginning of the active phase of hostilities

Ukrainian IT company GlobalLogic emphasizes the reduction in the number of vacancies in the IT market of Ukraine since the beginning of the active phase of hostilities.

“The labor market is in a difficult situation. The number of vacancies has halved,” said GlobalLogic Vice President Andriy Yavorsky.

He also noted that Western companies that wanted to work in Ukraine mostly see the media picture of what is happening, which shows all the atrocities of Russian soldiers in order to explain to Ukraine’s Western partners that the country needs help.

And on the one hand, according to Yavorsky, the media presentation of information fulfills its purpose, but on the other – scares Western partners of Ukrainian business.

Accordingly, the reduction of project development plans of Western companies in Ukraine has significantly affected the labor market.

“If before there were 5-10 vacancies per candidate, now there are much fewer. Plus, the focus of demand has shifted to higher positions – middle and senior, and to a lesser extent to novice specialists. Although before the war the demand for them was quite high “, – said the vice president of GlobalLogic.

He also said that in the current environment, the company itself prefers to close emerging positions with its own staff, transferring people from less active or temporarily frozen projects to new vacancies.

IT company “GlobalLogic Ukraine” is the largest software developer in Ukraine. It has offices and more than 4.5 thousand specialists in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Mykolayiv.

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